Omentum cancer diagnosis

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Hi there, I have been diagnosed with omentum cancer. My oncologist stated that surgery is not an option, but I am wondering a couple of things that perhaps one of you might kindly take the time to answer...

1. Is Omentum and Peritoneal cancer the same thing?

2. Is it terminal? My DR. stated treatment would be chemo therapy and stated removing the tumor would be problematic, so wonder if the chemo shrinks the tumor? I am considered a high risk patient also due to previous cancer and diabetes, etc.

3. My Dr. spoke of a specific tumor and I am reading at these message boards that perhps some of you have many small nodules.

I have yet to work up the treatment plan with my Dr. He is a fabulous doctor but can be brusk and often it is hard to get a good understanding when speaking with him.

So basically my head is spinning and aching and I would love to get some insight from the people in the all!

Many thanks.


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    Omentum Cancer Diagnosis
    1 - The omentum is a fat pad that lays on top of the intestines. Many peritoneal cancers seed into the omentum. The peritoneal cavity is where all the abdominal organs lie. You can have a peritoneal cancer without seeding into the omentum. There are some cases where the primary source of a tumor is the omentum, but cancer in the omentum usually has a primary tumor located elsewhere.

    2. You can have your omentum removed. I had mine removed along with my appendix and spleen(due to peritoneal mesothelioma) during the HIPEC procedure with Heated Chemo. I would further question why he considers omentum removal problematic. Your doctor needs to give you more info regarding staging etc.......

    3. If your doc refuses to take the time and explain what is going on with your body and what type of cancer you have and all of your options, I would get a second opinion. It is your body and your life. You have a right for him to answer your questions in manner in which you can understand.

    Best of luck to you! I know this can be quite scary.

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    Get thee to a specialty cancer center
    I, too, had my omentum removed, as I had seeding throughout. That's no big deal. Intraperitoneal Chemo or HIPEC might be an option for you.

    I go to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC, but there other excellent cancer centers located around the country. Where are you located?

    Keep asking questions. Don't let your dr's bruskness hold you back. You have cancer. You need to know and to understand.

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    I'm wholeheartedly in agreement with the wise words of Elissa and Alice. I have primary peritoneal cancer with seeds across my peritoneum and all the organs of the abdomen. It is also on the omentum. I wasn't a suitable candidate for the sugarbaker heated intraperitoneal treatment as I have so much scarring in the abdomen from the many operations I've had. It's hard to take anything in when you're first told you have cancer and so it's extra important to have things explained to you simply and repeatedly if that's what you want. Having a doctor who has a brusk bedside manner is not what you want at this time is it? Is your doctor an oncologist? Like Alice, I think you should be treated by a cancer specialist and one who is under a specialist cancer centre. You asked whether your condition is terminal. It's hard for me to say but maybe it would be a good thing to bring up if you really want to know. I was told that my illness had a poor prognosis to be honest, but I responded well to chemotherapy and I have more hope now than I had at the time of diagnosis. Since the time when I first knew about my illness, I've met lots of women who have had the disease for quite a number of years and expect to live for a lot more. I wish you every good thing and healing thoughts go your way. )
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    I think the cancer usually begins somewhere other than the omentum. Where do u live? i definitely would get myself another opinion. Most people on here have had debulking surgery. They remove the whole omentum and a bunch of other stuff. My mom's spread all over and they still did the surgery.
    Can i ask how old you are? I have heard of certain situations in other places like canada and europe where they aren't as prone to doing the surgeries.
    I just would want to know all my options.
    When my mom got treated i looked alot of terms up on the computer on peritoneal cancer and than when i went in with her i took a notebook and wrote all the info down. If he had to slow down than he had to slow down. Not ur problem.
    This is ur life and u have to fight for what i deserve.