The Problem was with the marker of the genetic Femara

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I had a toxic reaction to it. Thankfully now my eye has quieted down to be normal. I am a different marker so far so good


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    All generics are not equal.
    So glad you found a generic that works for you. I was on Femara for a bit over 1 1/2 yrs before it went generic. Had no problems with it then and have had no problems with the generic I've been on since. My letrozole is by Qualitest.

    While supposedly generics are the same as the original - not true in all cases. Many years ago, I was on a med that was not available at the time as a generic but later was. It took the 3rd generic before I got the same results and no SE's that I had gotten on the original. We are all different and different labs do make slight differences in what they produce which some of our bodies do 'notice'.

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