Complete Colon Removal?

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I met with my surgeon today...lots of good information. We are considering a complete colon removal; attaching the small intestine to the rectum...I will go to the bathroom 3-4 times per day (he says) for the rest of my life if we do this..

Has anyone had this done? Would you mind terribly to share your story (what day to day life is like, complications etc)? It's a tough choice to make. My cancer is genetic and my chances of having another type of colon cancer are extremely high. Since I'm only 32 it's basically colonoscopys every 1-2 years/risk of repeat cancer/smaller resection..or complete colon removal and attaching the small instestine to the rectum...not having to worry about more surgeries or new's enough worrying about this go round..

I'm leaning towards removing the entire colon because my tumor is so big, the colonoscope couldn't get around it to see most of my colon (could be more tumors), genetic risk,financial cost of colonoscopys each year...I never want to go through this again if I can help it. If I keep most of my colon I think I'll feel like I'm keeping a house that should be torn down. I would rather have to go to the bathroom a lot than get a whole new cancer in 5 years..but quality of life is important too. If anyone could/would share their story about total colon removal I would be so very thankful.

Also, at the same time (surgery week of June 25th); I am having my appendix, gall bladder, uterus, one remaining ovary removed, plus colon resection...yikes!! If anyone has experienced something like this I would really appreciate any advice. I'm scared that I won't be tough enough to have all of that done at once; that may seem silly but..I'm worried my body will go into some crazy shock or something...that's prob my fear talking and not even medically valid but still...

(Last thing..I promise..I'm a rambler) I'm 5'11 and only at 119 lbs..having real trouble keeping any weight on..Doctors say I can't afford to lose much more...any tips out there on how to fatten up quick (but not get crazy constipated)? Cuz I know they're gonna STARVE me in the hospital...(LOL).

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