Anyone with Papillary Sarcomatoid Kidney Cancer (in spine & hip bone too)

lbridgers30 Member Posts: 4
My dad was diagnosed in October of a massive tumor on his right kidney. Spots on his spine, hip bone and tail bone. He first had a biopsy done of the hip bone (which made a huge hole in his hip). In November he had the right kidney & tumor removed (huge tumor). First he had to get radiation on his hip because the biopsy done on his hip had caused the cancer to go straight into the hole, which caused pain. Ten days of radiation. Followed with Torisel a few days after the radiation (which caused a chain reaction of being in the hospital)
He since all of this has been in and out of the hospital for different things) After Torisel for a maybe 4 months he was switched to a low dose of chemo and the pill sutent. Hes been on that for a month now. One day after Chemo he ran a fever, back to the hospital he went. Before that the Dr. put him in the hospital because of his hip, he can't use his right leg at all. His right hip that has cancer in it, has came back, his right leg is useless and he's on a walker ( at the house) and wheel chair if we go out. His left leg is starting to get like the right. His legs are getting weaker. They found nothing. This was a good month ago. Now, here we are. Going today to get lots of scans, MRI, CT, and a bone scan I believe. He wants to see if the Sutent & Chemo are working at all. They seem to think that the cancer "could" be causing him not to walk but tests, like the spinal tap show nothing. I want my dad to be able to use his legs again. It is so hard for him and they put him on morphine for the pain and had already gave him oxycodone. I dont want him all drugged up, but it elevates the pain. Any one out there that has similar symptoms it would be great to hear from you. His case is not curable, but can be maintained, but we're starting to wonder if it's trying to get out of hand as he has the rapid growing type. My dad is staying with me & my husband and 2 girls since October.He's 65, 66 on the 24th of June. It's been a roller coaster of a ride but I know I am doing the right thing. But want to hear from anyone that's in the same boat as him. Please let me know. God Bless You ALL!!!!!!