Cindy & David

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Just read on another post, my heart is breaking for you at this moment. I can not
even image what you are going through. Your love and devotion to David is remarkable,
which makes it so hard to watch our love ones suffer. I am so glad that David has
been able to join in family get togethers, those will be the smiles you remember, and
oh those hugs are so great!!! I know it's hard to let others care for David, I feel
the same way, you have to be there. But, in reality it is best to the let others help,
they really want to care for David also, along with taking care of your family. How does
David feel about others helping out? Wow, four grandchildren, you must have the
excitement in your household - I love children, they are so carefree and loving. They
bring joy where ever they go :o)
Benjamin was just here for breakfast, he had blood work done at the clinic in
town before heading out to the fields. Doctor's are watching his platelet count closely,
does want it to drop below 100,000, before he starts his next to last Temador treatment in
a few days. Being he lives on his own, it's hard to tell if he is having any side effects
from the Temodar. I know he does take Ondansetron HCL 8mg one hour before taking his
Temodar. Benjamin has gone to work everyday, long hours in the fields, and so far handling
it well. Was really worried about him coming off is Keppra, but his still stable, no
seizures. My worry was would he have a seizure while driving a huge piece of equipment-
but so far so good. Still worry though!!!! Next MRI is July 13th, so far the last two
have been scheduled on Friday the 13th, glad we are not superstitious!!!
This was sent to me and I pass it on to you to enjoy:

May Your Heart be Happy
May Your days be Bright
May Your roads be Smooth
May your burdens be Light
May You find the dreams
May you touch the stars
May you never forget how
Special You are!!!

Take Care and God Bless!



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    Hi, Carol, and thank you for thinking about me and David. We are taking it one day at a time. We've had a rough patch...a seizure, low blood sugar, trip to ER....the ER dr told us that David's chest X-ray showed a lesion (tumor) in his lung. We were devastated...but it turned out not to be a tumor, but pneumonia. We both have pneumonia but hopefully we are recovering. I need to take David to the dr in a week for a follow up X-ray to make sure he's recovering.

    I ordered a hospital bed and it's made a big difference for David. He can sit up easily with it and he's much more comfortable than he was in my queen bed, propped up with ten or more pillows. I just had a hard time (mentally) getting a hospital bed because now we can't all pile in bed with him and watch TV and just snuggle. But it's far more important that he is comfortable.

    David is holding his own right now but I am very concerned that we have had to postpone treatments. We are still praying, still trusting God. It's a hard, horrible road that we are on, but God is giving us the strength to face it, day by day.

    I'm so glad to hear that Benjamin is doing so well. Like I posted on Julia's thread, each person's victory is a victory for all of us. He's young, he has a fighting spirit, he's positive...these are all huge positives in his favor. I am hoping and praying that he continues to beat this cancer into the dust!

    Have a wonderful, blessed summer.
    Love and blessings,