Restarting radiation

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I am feeling so much better today than when I came home from the hospital some rest and good food has really helped. I am starting radiation again tomorrow and I am a little anxious as to what side effects I will get but hopefully it won't be any where as bad as the chemo! I had 2 weeks of treatment and missed 2 weeks so am hoping I will only need 3 more weeks. Thanks for the replies I will keep you posted.


  • mp327
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    Hi Louise!
    I'm so glad you are doing better and I hope tomorrow you will get back on track so you can get through treatment. Just take it one day at a time and soon you'll have it done! Please keep us posted. Sending you a hug and positive vibes!
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    I had two weeks of treatment
    I had two weeks of treatment then had to take a break. So far, it has only been four days (plus the week end), but I go for a blood test in the morning. If my white count is back up, then it's back to the radiation. Best of luck to you--hope it goes better this time for us both.
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    So glad you're feeling better! I missed about a week of radiation due to hospitalization. It was nice to have a break. Almost didn't finish the last 5 radiation treatments but I did. Rest and good food does help! All the best to you!

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    So glad the short break did you well. I never missed radiation, but did a little chemo when in the hospital. Some of us just need to go that route...hoping all is good from now on! As always, all in my prayers.
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    Good to hear you are back on track. Just take one treatment at a time. You and everyone of this site are in my daily prayers. ~Carol
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    Taking a break
    I, too, had to take a break about the 4th, maybe 5th week of treatment, which I welcomed. Blood counts were too low. That rest was EXACTLY what I needed in order to continue through the remainder of treatment. I actually hadn't realized how bad I felt during that time (weak, tired) until I began feeling good again. Many blessings to you as you continue on.