How long before return to work?

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Can anyone share with us how long after an open partial nephrectomy surgery you were able to return to work. Either part time or full time, desk type work. My husband has limited leave and we are trying to make plans. Surgery is June 11th. Thank you for your help!

Lee Ann


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    Back to work
    Lee Ann,

    Your husband has been through a difficult history. Assuming he has made a full recvery from the earlier problems he may be able to return part time in a month to a desk job and than going to full time as tolerated. Mine was laproscopic and a full nepherectomy both of which made it easier for me. Even though a partial takes less it is a more difficult and longer surgery as far as recovery, but allows for better kidney function in the future.

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    I had an open partial
    I had an open partial nephrectomy on 15 September 2011. At first I thought I could go back to work a few weeks later, but there was no way I physically do that. I ended up going back to work six weeks later on 3 November 2011. First few weeks back I had to be really determined to work the full 8 hour days, but some of the days I ended up working only half days. I am 53 years old and am in pretty good shape. My work is half desk half physical work. I work in IT which I move things around a lot. My co-workers were great in that if I needed help they were there quickly and without question.

    Hope this helps!!

    I pray everything goes well with your husband's surgery!! Keep us updated!