Ovarian Cancer awareness Poster Board Ideas Please

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I am captain of a Relay team and our Relay is June 23rd. A friend of mine, teammate, lost her best friend Sandra on 5/4/12 to Ovarian Cancer, she was 32yr old wife and mother of 3, her youngest being 18 months. She was diagnosed in her 4th month of Pregnancy with her youngest.

At our team captain meeting they asked each campsite to make a poster board for Cancer awareness, and since Sandra recently lost her battle I would like to make the board up for Ovarian Cancer. Can anyone give me any ideas? For ways to bring awareness to this type of Cancer? I'm not very creative or good at this type of thing and need help.


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    I'm not that creative but
    I'm not that creative but this phrase just come to me. "It's silent, so listen to your body." Then maybe draw a big ear with the symptoms beside it. Just an idea. Good luck!
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    How about....
    How about a picture of someone with their finger to their lips going "Shhhhhhh" and the caption:

    Silence.....can be deadly.

    Know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.
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    Or how about....
    Picture of someone whispering into someone's ear with the caption...

    Ovarian Cancer whispers.....so listen!

    (I found the caption on Gilda Radner's site for ovarian cancer)