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Will get to do the Crazy Horse Volksmarch tomorrow. It is at the Crazy Horse Memorial (Custer, SD). It's 10K and starts in the parking lot and you hike up to the arm of the carving and back down. The going up is a bit of a 'hike' as it has quite a rise and is through the 'woods' but the hike back is really just a 'walk in the park' as you go back downhill on their work road to the site.

The view from up there is spectacular and the Volks March (fiirst Sat & Sun of June) is the only time that the 'average' person can actually get on the carving. I did my first one in '96 or '97 and did it most years since. The face was not completed when I did my first one but it is now and even the area below the arm is open now. The last time I went was in '09 - 2 months before DX. Hadn't decided rather or not I'd do it this year as Hubby was to be on call (he's a tow driver) and I couldn't find anyone who wanted to go with me - I really wanted to do it this year but not by myself 'just in case'. His boss/owner found out I wanted to do it so he's taking over so we can go. The weather is supposed to cooperate too.

In some ways I don't want to go and see the 100's upon 100's (or 1,000's upon 1,000's) of acres of dead and dying pine since the last time I was at Crazy Horse or Rushmore. The Pine Beetles are running rampant in the Hills. For the 2nd year in a row there will be no fireworks over Rushmore because of fire danger from all the dead trees. The Hills will once again become healthy but how long will it take? (I'll get of my 'soap box' before I say too much.)

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    Susan, what a wonderful boss
    Susan, what a wonderful boss to do that for you and your hubby! Even with the dead trees, I'm sure it is amazing...have fun!