How to post a clickable link

I put a document on the Recipe Project site that shows how to
create a clickable link on a discussion board or message on CSN.
Just go to the site and open/download the pdf document titled

"How to Post a Clickable Link"

Recipe Project - How to Post a Clickable Link on CSN

Also, there hasn't been much activity as far as recipes.
New entries are always welcome :).



  • allmost60
    allmost60 Member Posts: 3,178
    Hi Jim,
    As soon as I'm not chasing Lizzy around the house I'll figure out how to do the clickable link...I appreciate you taking the time to post directions. Lizzy is such a busy bee while she's here that I haven't got time to do anything except watch her. I can check my e-mail and the group, but thats about it. She's here for almost 10 hours(3 days a week), so come evening my butt is dragging through my tracks...ha! I have a renewed admiration for "stay at home" mom''s definetely a full time job, and then some!!! Anyways...thanks again! Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)