Port insertion - Pain

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I had a port put in yesterday. I know some tenderness is normal. I am having to take some of my pain med (from a different surgery) to get some relief.

Did you have any pain at all?


  • eihtak
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    Hi, I've had my port for well over a year now so have probably forgotten a bit on the amount of pain but, I truely don't remember it being too bad. A friend of mine recently got one and she was a bit uncomfortable but was ok with just taking a couple aleve. Everyone is different, but if you are needing prescription main meds still in a couple days I would call your doc. You may just need a day or two. Watch for excess redness, swelling, fever, they would be signs to go in right away. Keep us posted to know how all goes. As always, all in my prayers.
  • MyHopen413
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    My port was very
    My port was very uncomfortable for over a week. Even now, some 8 months later, I will get sharp pains around my port if I use that arm too much. Hopefully your pain will go away in a few days. If not, I would contact the doctor.
    Hang in there, though uncomfortable, a port is worth it.
  • mxperry220
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    Some Tenderness
    My port was on my right near my shoulder blade. It was a little tender for a few days but not painful. If I turned my head the wrong way it felt tight but that lasted only a few days.