MDS progressed to AML in remission, now what?

Brandi.Z Member Posts: 2
My father has recently gone into remission ~5-7% blasts after his MDS progressed to AML. He is getting conflicting opinions...He received induction chemo at a BMT center (Shands at UF) with wanting the end result being a BMT. His dr at the BMT unit is recommending him carry on with consolidation and move forward towards a BMT. He went and got a second opinion at MD Anderson in Orlando and they did not recommend moving forwards towards a transplant,,,that a BMT would kill him. They recommended him starting on Vidaza. To give you a little bit of info regarding my Dad...his 65 and has survived 2 other unrelated cancers. In the fall of 06, he was diagnosed with stage IV tonsilar cancer and went into remission, summer of 07. In July of 2010, he was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and was NED the following spring 11. He was diagnosed with MDS with del 5q in March 12 which quickly progressed to AML by end of April. He has held up very well and tolerated treatment remarkably. He's a fighter and wants "a cure". They have said that he cant receive a BMT until 2-3 post lung cancer so at the earliest it would be next spring before he would be a BMT canidate. So he would have to stay in remission from AML after consolidate until then. I am looking for any resources that I can give him to read to educate him on the road ahead for both treatment options. Any help will be appreciated.