Luminaria Bags Pictures Posted on My Site

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I normally post on the Uterine Discussion Boards but sometimes here. I do read on both sites since I have Uterine cancer and Ovarian cancer is in the same area, it helps to get different opinions and treatment advice. Anyway....

My daughter signed up a team – Pepper’s Kickin Cancer” for walking in the Relay of Life Event here in Dallas, TX on May 25. I have made up several Luminaria Bags in Honor of the Cancer Survivors for all the Ladies & their families on the Uterine Cancer Discussion Board and the Ovarian Cancer Discussion Boards. Since I have Uterine Cancer and have gone to that site more than any, I went through all the messages on the Uterine Cancer Site and made a list of the pin names I saw. That list is on the back of the Uterine Cancer Bag. If I missed anyone, I am sorry but there are a lot of names. I also made up In Memory of Bags for Linda Procopio and Diane Smail - Songflower. These bags will be lit with a light inside them on Friday night at the Event at 10:00 PM.

Thanks to all the ladies on Uterine site and the Ovarian site that have given advice, support, love and encouragement to all going through this disease to fight their cancer. This is just a little bit of recognition for all that everyone has done to help each other and their loved ones.

I have posted some pictures of the bags on my “About Me” page so you can see them. trish