Leak test nightmare, like Pete's

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Yesterday, I had my leak test to prepare for the takedown. I ended up with severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and releasing bloody mucous and stool several times throughout the day. My husband had to push me around in a wheelchair while I wretched in a bucket. As part of my preops I saw an internal medicine doctor who thought my body just went into a shock with the enema and the air and felt I'd look much worse with a perforation. I did have a fever last night but it's gone today and the pain is subsiding, the ostomy is functioning and the stool has just about stopped. I must have had a lot of stuff up there when I had the surgery. The good news is no leaks so I can have the takedown next week, also hoping for increased WBC. Other good news, with all this output I was able to hold it in. Hope that's a good sign. Incidentally, the internal med doctor has had colon cancer with a liver met this past year, finished with two surgeries and his chemo. He was sensitive to my position and made sure I left with muscle relaxers. I've been thinking of him a lot. I could tell he is younger than me and going through all this, so hard, yet trying to keep a great attitude.

I looked through the history last night to see if anyone else had these issues or was as miserable as I was with this test. Looks like Pete had something similar. Pain, passing stool........anyone else have these issues in the past?
Thanks God for a new day.


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    you got to love this disease
    Sorry you had a tough time, it's one way to be tough, maybe my bloody minded desperation , discipline and focus is a result of my pain. Well your smiling now, and so am I.

    Very big smiles of relief.

    It's just an idea, but I got a nasty post op taken down infection. If I were doing it a again I would do the colonoscopy bowel prep before takedown and a little fast. I think my poop in the small bowel may habe been a risk factor.

    I hope your take down a and reconnection goes well.

    Enjoy your butt, it's a God damm marvelous piece of engineering.

    If our cancer does not kill us, it makes us stronger.


    Ps hangin there for the rest of the crc ride, I hope yours is smooth from here on in.
    Pps Google collagen, tissue regenex. I saw a good Naturopath about suppkments to assist me post op. vv just an idea.
    It's a year since surgery.