starving the cancer??

Update on my dad:

After he received the G tube, he was still not able to do any feedings, as he was feeling to full and crummy all the time. Last Wed. after radiation, his blood pressure was low, and he was still sick and now bloated. They did hospitalize him. As of today, he is still in there. I do not know much, because it seems that I get told second hand what is going on, with a slight variation to the story, and did not see him for the first time util Fri for about 15 min. because "he needed his rest" but to find out others had been there. ANYWAY, he told me yesterday that the liver is not working, (yeah, I said this to mom last week as he was turning a yellow tint) So I guess, they are going to "starve the cancer"If he wants to "eat" (from the tube) fine, if not, fine. They are thinking of sending him home tomm. with hospice. I am asking if anyone has any experience with this, because really makes no sense to me, and I do not always get the info from the same source, so not sure..... Happy Sunday everyone!!


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    I don't think they are necessarily trying to "starve" the cancer, I think whats happening is that your father's body can no longer tolerate that many calories. I read about that in an article that can be found in the New Yorker archives called "Letting Go"

    One of my husband's doctors gave us this.