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This is the most wonderful stretch.
Stand with feet 6 inches apart ( or whatever works for you)
Drop from the waist stretching your hands to your feet
Stay for as long as you can, max 2 minutes
Let gravity take over
B4 u know it you will be on all fours
You should have a spotter if you have any balance issues

I do this stretch several times a day. I can now sit in the lotus position again 1 1/2 years after tx.

Do this in the morning to elongate your muscles. Really amazing how much better you will feel.

Do not stop moving during and after tx, try to work out with light weights and light exercise. Just keep going.

My scans are clear, going for anascope on Monday, waiting for colonscopy scheduling to call me. Boy I am going to feel clean on the inside.

Ahhhh!!!! So if you remember I was really struggling for the past year and a half. I was diagnosed with ataxia in march and began using a cane to protect myself and others. Doctors had signed me off, dead in 10 years. Well, I felt bad, but not that bad. I had begun to slur my speech along with staggering drunken walk and the falling to the ground. I was a mess physically and mentally. I kept searching and searching for the answer on the Internet. If it wasn't for the Internet, I think I could be dead now. I finally found a link and discovered I had a chemical induced ataxia, due to the minocycline I had been taking for at least 7 years. 3 weeks ago, I stopped taking and the symptoms have started to reverse. I may be left with some permanent brain damage. I will know in about a year. I am back working, surfing and looking forward to a future!

The one thing I have learned is KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.


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    I do that stretch but stop before ending on all fours. When I'm just sort of hanging there I picture all the cancer, sickness, or any negative stuff bothering me just spilling out of my dangling fingertips and disappearing into the floor!! ( yes it comes back, but feels great for a while!)
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    Thanks for the stretch -
    Thanks for the stretch - I'll try it. I do that too eihtak (the draining) - in bed sometimes I relax all my muscles and imagine all the stress and ickies draining into the bed. As long as they don't come back as nightmares, I'm good. :)

    Phoebesnow - That's so great that you're doing better. Congratulations on such a fantastic discovery. You fixed yourself! Hope things continue to get better.
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    Enuf said..
    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Please keep us posted on your new found power and how it is impacting your daily life.