Who do you call?

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I am starting to have an increasing amount of pain on the left side of my jaw right in the joint. Who should I call? My onco, my primary or my dentist? I have recently seen both my onco and my primary, told them of the dull pain but neither one seemed to think it was of concern at the moment so neither did I. But now it really hurts and even makes my ear ache a bit. Any advice?

Thank you! Xx


  • Tim6003
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    I vote ENT ...
    I read your bio (it is outdated?)and maybe I am missing something here ...I vote you see your ENT. If you have had H&N cancer ...go straight to the ENT.

    Just my opinion.

  • Skiffin16
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    GP First...
    Unless you have a really good relationship with your onco, I'd try your GP first.

    My medical facility is spread through town and connected. My GP was always hesitant if it was anywhere closely connected to H&N it seemed to me.

    So I had to be more insistant when I had something going on.

    But luckily my ENT was the main team contact, I could always see him concerning anything...same with my onco...

    Hoping you find some relief soon...