How can the tables turn this fast.... I am supposed to be the caregiver for mom

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I am supposed to be the caregiver for my mom. But now they are checking me for CML. And placed me on a lot of meds. I dont know how we are gonna make it. Friends started fundraisers but I have to keep my promise of keeping her home even if it means doing so from my own bed. SOrry you all I just need to vent.. Thanks to friends if this goes thru on the internet with the fundraiser I can get a roof my meds her meds and get help... WHY ME LORD


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    Friends are wonderful and I'm glad you have their support. Don't beat yourself up if your illness prevents you from doing as much as you would like for your mother. The best you can do is the most you can expect from yourself. Come here and vent any time. I don't comment as often as I used to do, but I do read or lurk here. Know that many will read your posts even if you don't get many responses. We don't mind venting, in fact encourage it. It helps all of us because we all need to vent now and then. When my late husband was first dxed, we made our question "Why not me?" Believe it or not, that helped us through many bad times. We realized the blessings we had with family, friends, drs., faith, church, etc. So many don't have that support. It worked for us. Doesn't mean it will work for others. Hang in there. None of this is fair!
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    I agree with fay. Always
    I agree with fay. Always take care of yourself and your moms. You don’t have to regret that you are not able to do as much as you wanted because of your health.