Ballooning ankles

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A couple weeks ago, my Doctor put me on liquid nystatin to get rid of thrush. This morning my ankles are swollen up 2x their normal size....anyone else had this side affect? It's the only new medication I'm on , butttt, I also discovered, even without an epiglottis, ice cream still taste yummy, could I be eating too much sugar? I know I'll no doubt end up calling the doctor, but I don't want to go sit in a doctor's office on such a beautiful day!!


  • Skiffin16
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    More Than Likley
    It's water retention from the drugs, or salt realted. But if it's new, I'd go for the new drug.

    Either way you should have it checked out as that's a sign of poor circulation and related to potential heart problems (I believe)..

    Not meant to scare you, but just to let you know it could be important and should be checked out.