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Chris 3
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Hi All,
My husband was diagnosed a few days ago and I guess I'm just looking for a place to "go" where someone knows what we're going through and are going to be going through. We really don't know much right now. He has a Pet/CT in a few days. Praying for him. Praying for you ALL.
Chris 3


  • JReed
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    Hi Chris
    Hello Chris:

    I will say that we're sorry you had to find us, but very glad you did. You will find much information on this site from both a survivors point of view and that of the caregivers. Someone will have experienced something close if not exactly like what you and hubby are going through and will go through.

    I apologize I did not look to see your about me page to see if you have any information there. Please forgive me if I ask questions you may have already answered.

    How was your hubby diagnosed? What were his symptoms? What tests have you had already? Has the cancer been staged? Where are you located (state or whatever other info you feel comfortable providing) - I ask this because we have members all over the world and if you are in the United States or Canada - there will be lots of members who can point you in the proper direction for treatment.

    The first step will be for the cancer to be staged. Treatment will depend upon the staging. You will want to come here to touch base with others as to what treatment they had for their particular stage.

    If you can complete as much of the 'about me' page as you can - it will be of great help to those who will reply to you. William and Paul and many many others will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have - they also have links to specific information that would be of interest to you and hubby.

    We are a very close knit group - very supportive and freely offer our experiences and opinions. You can be thankful that you were lucky enough to find this site. Almost everything I have learned about EC came from this site and the pioneers here. We don't always agree on everthing, but we will be honest and supportive.

    Please post any specific questions (there are NO silly questions on this site - ever) - someone will be able to answer you. This is a cancer like no other. If you have time, please read through as many previous posts as you can - you will gain much insight from those. I did that and I remember thinking in the beginning "Oh man, these people are way worse off than we are." Hah!

    We have the good, the bad, and the ugly here - from some sad situations to some that are the best.

    I know exactly how you are feeling as does everyone here. Let us know a little more about you and we'll do our best to help you out in any way we can.

    Welcome to the group/family, and again, we are sorry to had to find us but glad you did.

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    Hi Chris,

    Welcome to this site, we are glad you are here, just hate it is out of necessity. You will find more information on here than you bargained for, but please don’t get overwhelmed. Digest each day and each piece of information one bite at a time.

    You will find yourself among friends here, and all are here to help in anyway we can. This is a very ugly disease, and there are people here with some ugly news and beautiful news.

    As you already know, you will run the full gamut of emotions over the next several months and this is completely normal. I, as well as the others on this site, are here to help, and be here for you and your husband when you need us. I assure you, you are already on many prayer list!

    I will say, nothing is impossible, we have seen and heard it all on this site and wish you and your husband nothing but the best.

    You are welcome to send me a private message or send an e-mail to I would love to talk with you and/or your husband and help you navigate your way through the sea of information out there.

    Chad Charles EC II (T2N3M0)
    Ivor Lewis 3/28/2011
    3rd Clear Scan 12/2011
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    You are in my prayers............
    I can't offer much info but can assure you of my daily prayers. Prayers help get me and my family through the initial shock and decision making process. God Bless....

    dx Feb 2010
    IL March 2010
    chemo 5fu and cisplatin
    2 years NED
    Stage IIN1M0
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    Welcome Chris and Hubby
    Hello Chris,
    I am really sorry that you find yourself here, but also pleased that you have found the best source of information, friendship, support and prayers for this horrible disease.
    Primarily, know that there is hope. A little more with each person who joins us, as the best we can make of this is knowledge. This wealth of knowledge will help us all to heal, mentally and physically and point us in the right direction for the very best of medical care that we can achieve.
    I have only a caregivers perspective and almost a year to the day my husband was diagnosed, we are , we hope, through the worst of it and the sun is shining again.
    Sherri, William, Paul and many others have so much more knowledge than me, but I offer you my friendship and my prayers for this difficult time.
    Feel free to soak up as much or as little information as you can and Chad said it best,
    'try not to be overwhelmed, bite sized pieces will do at first'.
    If you feel you can, give as much information as you can about your husbands condition and those in the know will point you in the right direction.
    They have been my saviours in many a terror filled night.
    God bless you and keep you both safe.
    Love and hugs,
    Marci xx
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    Sorry to hear another new
    Sorry to hear another new story. I too have a husband who as EC. My husband was diagnosed almost a year ago. Stage four. We have been through alot. He has remained fairly healthy and we try to live our lives as normal as possible. I hope that you find more info out when he has the scan. Let us know if you have any specific questions. Hang in there it can be a real bumpy ride. God bless