hi everyone

t husdday i had to go in the hospital for blood and platelets idont know what my plalets were, but my red blood count was down to6 i think they gave me 4 units of blood. saterday i got out of the hospital monday i went to wvu to check on the bone marrow transplant, they had 3 doners but they don't kwon if they are still availble or not i will find out in 4 weeks. i have been sleeping more than i ever have. my feet and ankles have been swelling when i have to wear shoes i think i'll just wear house shoes if its not raining. blessings denise


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    Great to hear from You
    It is great to hear from you. Sorry things are not going that well. I am sure they will get better . We were wondering how everything was going for you. We worry when we don't hear from people that are part of the group. You will be in our thoughts. Keep us informed when ever you feel up to it. John
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    Hi Denise,
    Sleep is good...it's the time when our bodies can repair damage. I know it feels like things are never going to get better, but it will get better in time. You just rest as much as you can. When the time comes to get the transplant your body needs to be rested and ready. Thanks for checking in, and let us know what you find out about the doners. Hang in there dear lady. Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)
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    good to hear from you
    Hi Denise, stay strong, the waiting is one of the hardest things we do, I will be praying for you..... Vinny
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    Dear Denise,

    Again, I am so sorry.

    I can see the doctor's are keeping a close eye on you. Did you ask your doctor why
    your feet and ankles are swollen?? I have metatarsal problems on both feet. I have
    to wear inserts to be more comfortable. What I find most comfortable, not the alligator
    brand of the plastic summer shoes. Mostly the cheaper brand. 2 years ago I purchased
    these shoes in different colors to match what I wear that day. I purchased these shoes
    in the wider version. They are so comfortable and I need not wear inserts with them.
    You will note these shoes are worn by doctor's. If you don't find them in stores by you, try Google search.

    Denise, Blessings and prayers from me to you. Love Maggie
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    Hi Denise
    Hi Denise,
    Really nice to hear from you, sorry that you're not feeling well. Just rest as much as you can so you can be ready for the BMT, take it easy (one day at a time). I will be praying for you Denise that everything gets better soon! Take care (((HUGS)))

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    Help with swelling
    Hey Denise! Do you have any "compression hosiery"? They are elastic socks that apply pressure to the swelling, forcing the fluid out of your feet and ankles. They may run all the way to he knee, or some are lower, depending upon the degree of swelling. I had to use them during chemo, as I could not fit into my shoes. Some types of this hosiery are available over-the-counter. They can be a challenge to put on, but they must be, if they are going to be effective. As well, I slept with my feet raised, which also helps to drain the fluid. In my case, I slept on the floor with my lower legs raised on a footstool or Ottoman. Maybe you can try this, as I found it to be a great help. I still use the socks from time to time, but it is far from a daily need.

    All the best.
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    Hi Denise,

    Good to hear from you but not happy to hear you are having a rough time. Hope thing turn around for you real soon

    Hugs to you,
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    There you are !
    Great to hear from you Denise :).
    Sorry you're having issues. The post about
    compression hosery is probably a good idea for the swelling
    but you probably want to discuss with your doctor.

    Elevating your feet/legs from time to time should help too.

    Big hugs,