Swallowing test

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This passed Tuesday I finally passed my swallow test after 6 months with my 2nd feeding tube. That has been the happiest day in my life for a long time.Me and my husband had to travel 2 hours to get there. I still have to live my feeding tube in a little longer the dr said. that being said I had my husband stop at Starbucks to get me their lemon pound cake that I love because that's the closest we are to one then my husband wanted to stop at Taco Bell and I ate all the way home. I used to weight 205 # until I got cancer and now I weight 130#. that being said I can't ear very much at a time, but I know it will get better. I'm just happy I passed the test. God Bless Briget in WV


  • meaganb
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    I am just starting radiation and my Onc has not recommended a feeding tube so I can't totally identify, but I am so happy for you!! Hope you get to enjoy all the foods that you've missed!