If it sounds too good to be true it usually is

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I also have read many articles on so-called vitamins, fruits, drugs, etc that will help with EC.
I used the Indian spice curcumin every day in Vince's food as MD ANDERSON had done a study on's
It's worth for EC.
As I have said before EC is a vicious beast and using things randomly that may or may not be effective
is not a good thing to do with this cancer.
Many of you are very new at this and maybe do not realize what a toll this cancer can take.
I wish I could say all the things we all want to hear But bottom line is EC SUCKS and you are one blesses
person if it is caught soon and it does not recur.

My heart literally aches for you newbies and the ones who have been suffering awhile.
It's unimaginable what many of us have gone thru with our loved ones .We have all tried the wonder
Things out there and they just don't work. They may slow the process but if they really cured or made
Remission long long term everyone out there would be rejoicing in the benefits.
EC is a real tough cancer and any of you battling it know that.

We, on the site, who are not always cheery and
Positive say the things we do to force you not to be complaisant . We want you to really see this
Cancer for what it is and to get the appropriate help. Don't take some wonder drug because it sounds good.

I would never be mean or say things to hurt. I was sure Vince would live because I wanted him to but
That was not enough. I got good solid advice but at times did not want to hear it.

Take care and research all of your options. If someone on the site suggests a doctor or hospital they went
To its because they did their research and went with the one who knew the most.

I am a straight shooter and if I could live mine and Vince's life over you can bet your _ss that we would have be3n
on the first plane out to a major EC hospital. TOO late Doris but not for some of you.

Much caring