Vitamin D Levels Linked to Survivorship of Prostate Cancer—Genetic Variations May Play Crucial Role



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    Foods high in vitamin D

    This is a good informative post and very “healthy” for the patients with or without PCa. Deficiency in vitamin D is not good and is linked with a series of maladies. Here is another site with a list of foods high in vitamin D;

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    About a year ago, I found out that my Vit D level was low -- despite taking 1g of fish oil twice daily (am/pm) for many years (mainly for its purported heart health benefits -- and also started taking 1000 IU of D3 twice daily (am/pm) since then. Just got re-tested for Vit D yesterday and am waiting for the results.

    Would be interesting to know if my earlier low Vit D level had anything to do w/my contracting PCa (apparently not according to the study) or if the Vit D supplements I'm taking are helping to reduce the likelihood of the cancer reasserting itself after treatment.

    Will probably never know the answer to these questions but won't lose any sleep over it.