Too much to handle

My dear Mum died yesterday of a massive brain hemorrhage.
We had 1 week warning this would happen.
My Dad died 4th March of Brain cancer.

I am absolutely in total shock. I can't absorb what has happened at all.


  • 3Mana
    3Mana Member Posts: 811
    So sorry to hear that you've lost both your parents in such a short time. I'm sure you're having a very hard time accepting this, but hope you have family & friends to help you through this horrible experience. This is a great web site so you'll get lots of support on it. Take care! "Carole"
  • Tina Blondek
    Tina Blondek Member Posts: 1,500 Member
    Thinking of You and Sending Hugs
    So Sorry for your two recent losses of your mom and dad. We are always here for you. You can lean on us.
    I am hoping you have a support team of family and friends that can help you at this most difficult time. Keep your faith, pray and pray some more. I lost my dad to esophageal cancer in march 2010. Losing both parents has got to be the hardest. I am lost for words. You have come to a great place. Keep in touch.
    Tina in Va