Journaling & Grief

Journaling has saved me throughout my 2 years of self discovery. The first year was through my husband's diagnosis of melanoma which ended in death on May 27, 2011. I can tell you that 2 people were grieving during that time. My husband supported me in my writing and until he couldn't read well at the end I read to him. My 2nd year is swallowed up by grieving for 2 people. I also lost my mom a week before my husband by lung cancer. It's a total mess inside my head right now which reflects how I feel inside my heart.

Coming to this site has helped me vent knowing that someone out there will care enough to give me feedback. I have used my blog site as part of my signature with my name. I have received emails outside of this place in support of what I have to say. I was only hoping to share my story, my viewpoint in hopes of showing others that they are not alone.

I have been asked to NOT sign my name with my blog site anymore. I would like to say that it is only a family blog with no advertising... I am not selling anything but sharing myself eith others. The administater has contacted me and requested me to stop because it is against their "rules".

If I offended anyone here I am truly sorry... that was not my intention.

Still grieving