Remission, under surveillance. Yeah!

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Had all my scans at MDA these last two days and I am formally in remission, at 6 mths past treatment..soooo happy! Surgeon did 3 biopsies just for cautions sake. One at site of tumor, one of what appears to be scar tissue and one polyp removed. I watched the whole procedure on camera. Weird.

I, face to face, asked Dr. to explain again my kind of cancer, because I have been told both anal and rectal. So here goes.....I have Anal cancer that somehow ended up in the rectum. It most likely began in the Anal canal and grew into the rectum. Therefore I officially have Squamous cell anal cancer in the rectum. Ta da! I don't really know why it mattered to know but it just did.

This cancer is not genetic so my kids and gkids do not have to worry about the genetic risk.

And the really important happening this weekend was that I PETTED A SHARK AND A STINGRAY at the Houston aquarium Sunday and I went in the water at Galveston....seaweed and all.... May not sound like much but this is the first time I have EVER touched a fish! This is the first time I have EVER gone in the water at a beach.... I figure if I can "do" cancer it is time not to be scared anymore. (pat on back, LOL!)


PS. Still scared of fish a little