Ryan O'Neal On "The View"

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I'm watching Ryan O'Neal on "The View" who's there to promote his new book about his life w/Farrah Fawcett.

He just said that he has prostate cancer ("Stage 2" which is apparently still contained w/in the prostate) and is going to treat it with cryotherapy, which is seldom used to treat PCa.

He said that his doctors claim that the prognosis for treatment is good but everything I've every heard about cryotherapy (including from my RO) warned that the treatment almost always results in long term (if not permanent) ED and can result in significant damage to the urethra and bladder contributing to a greater risk of incontinence than he would experience with radiation and as well as surgery.

For a general discussion of the risks, see:

Just hope he's aware of this!


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    could be that
    he will be having targeted cryotherapy, so 100 percernt chance of ED side effects will not occur . Of course there is a risk that all of the cancer in the prostate will not be treated.