can someone explain dt

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had surgery in 2010 , radiation 2011, after radiation psa was 0.003 . now as of 5/1 psa is 0.8 had gleason scores of 9 . what is considered dt.


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    What do you mean with dt? Is it doubling time of PSA?
    Can you tell us about your hormonal treatment protocol?
    If you are refering to PSADT you need to describe about tests date and results.

    Here is your story;

    Wishing you have completely recover from SRT.
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    Doubling Time

    PSA doubling time (PSADT) is the length of time it takes for a PSA reading to double in value and it is usually expressed in months. Doctors and researchers use PSADT to estimate the likelihood of prostate cancer metastasis. There are various methods used to calculate this value and I don't believe there is a single, universally accepted standard. It is not a straight line graph and generally form fitting mathematical techniques are used to determine the slope of the line that does a form-fit compensation for the various PSA readings.

    In general, a PSADT less then 3 months is considered extremely high risk. PSADT that is greater than 15 months is considered low risk. The doubling times in between are often dependent on other clinical factors.

    You may wish to check out this link:

    There are several online calculators that you can use to plug your PSA history into and have it calculate a result. Just google "PSA DOUBLING TIME CALCULATOR" and take your pick. The calculators at the Memorial Sloan Kettering website are frequently used.

    Many factors affect PSA doubling time and the results should be reviewed with your medical team for appropriate interpretation. Hope this helps