Calcium vs Fasomax

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Has anyone been told to continue taking calcium rather than be prescribed Fasomax? I am already osteopena but my MO said to continue with calcium. He did prescribe Fasomax or any other bone building med.

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    Continue Calcium
    I was osteopenia for many years and took Ca all that time it remaimed stable. After TX, it moved on to osteoporosis. As I understand it Fosamax does not replace the need of Ca to keep bones healthy but allows the bones to take up and maintain Ca levels rather than being depleated chronically. Vit. D is also needed for the uptake of Ca. Magnesium and Zinc are also important with bone strength.

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    I would think you should
    I would think you should continue to take Calcium. I am not on any bone building meds, but, I do take Calcium and Vitamin D.

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