Non-stress related incontinence

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It's a bit embarassing but I've had an occational drip of incontinence since back to early chemo times. Has anyone else had this? I don't know if this is related to the treatment or just my wonderful luck? It's not happening when I sneeze or laugh etc. It's kind of weird for me. I didn't say anything to the doc 'cause there were so many other pressing side effects going on at the time and I thought it would stop. Hasn't done so. I hate the thought of wearing Depends for the rest of my life - oh yay! I'd appreciate any help.



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    Bladder issues??
    Hi, it is kind of sad to think of something like Depends when trying to get through other things. You said "other pressing side effects." Possibly the "drips" are related. Many meds affect the bladder, you may have a slight infection weakening your bladder control. Or age, unfortunately, for many it just comes with getting older. I have 5 children, am 53, and along with Breast Cancer am recovering from Anal Cancer, so have had pelvic radiation. I was told that this could be an issue for me and so far am pretty good just as long as I get there fast in the morning when I wake up. I have been doing Kegal exercises off and on for some time hoping to prevent problems. You may want to have a test for UTI or Bladder infection, just to rule that out. Good luck....let us know how things go.