Ok- What is up with the book Three Months to Life

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My dad- 78 has Stage IV Renal cancer and has used Stutent, Nexavar and now on Affinor (excuse the spelling please).

First discovered in Sept 2008 and starting to spread now in liver and lungs plus bone.

So I saw a post on this book Three Months to Life and sent him the book via Amazon- thinking $9.99 aint hurt nobody.

Then I found out it was about mental imaging and I felt kinda strange about that. But my Dad loves the book- read it 4 times and thinks it is working. He wont stop talking about it...All he used to talk about was the Tampa Bay Rays....

So my question- has anyone on this site know anyone who really has gained from the techniques in the book? My dad already has with a positive outlook even if the cancer is still spreading but was just curious on this thread as you never know who is writing the Amazon reviews during a book review.

Thanks and go Rays.


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    3 Months to Life
    You'll find quite a few references to this book on these threads.

    Your Dad's no fool. A number of members here have benefited from the book and cd, notably John Neary - see the thread "Kidney Cancer, treatment options and the return of Hope!!!" You can find it most quickly by going to


    John, like many of the reviewers you've seen on Amazon are stage 4 and some of us are also grade 4, and worse (including myself). No one can honestly say with absolute certainty what enabled them to survive (and this applies even to promising drug therapies) but they can validly say whether they found the book/cd of interest, of value and of benefit to them. Just about everyone who engages with Gerald White's work will testify to the benefits they've got from it.

    For what it's worth to you, I've been on these threads since just before my first op in December. It's too early to say whether I'm going to be a survivor but so far so good and I gave a candid appraisal of 3 Months to Life in my review on Amazon.

    I sincerely hope this helps you make up your mind about this topic.
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    Three Months to Life
    I bought the book and CD for my husband who is a stage 4/grade 4 clear cell carcinoma patient.

    While it's difficult to plot the success from patient to patient, I see no downside to the book and CD. Gerald White starts somewhere early on in the CD saying (I'm paraphrasing here) that there has never been a cancer type that hasn't been beaten after being diagnosed terminal. In fact Gerald White is one of those that has done it.

    I believe that Gerald White's book and CD works hand-in-hand with a lot of the immunology being used in the treatment of cancer.

    I understand where you're coming from but imagery is being increasing used in different ways. I use it in yoga. I use it in listening to the Gerald White's CD. I used it when I get stressed out and need to calm down. So while I understand your concern when first hearing imagery, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I think it's a healthy response to cancer.