plz frnds suggest me the ways to tackle the situation of brain cancer glioblastoma who grade 4

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hey frnds , my father 62 years old and recently diagnosed glioblastoma who grade 4 type cancer and this time i dont know what to do next ??how to handle the critical situation of cancer plz suggest me some good and effective ways .which helps me to save my father life . from last two months my dad suffering from memory loss or i can say that the name of a diesease is DEMENTIA the name in medical field .after that on 14th april 2012, one neurologist suggest me to go for MRI in MRI report BRAIN TUMOR found.and on 19th april 2012 SURGERY had done and TUMOR was completly removed. According to the NEUROSURGEON OF FORTIS HOSPITAL NOIDA and after five days oN 24th APRIL 2012 ..BIOPSY REPORTS COMES OUT and they said MY FATHER NOW suffering from GLIOBLASTOMA WHO GRADE 4.and guys plz tell me what should i do first.. DOCTORS suggest me TO do RADIOTHERAPY AND CHEMOTHERAPY. Is this TUMOR CURABLE OR THESE THERAPIES ARE USEFULL FOR MY FATHER ??? OR I GO FOR ANY ALTERNATIVE THERAPY OR MEDICINE WHICH ARE USEFULL FOR MY DAD LIKE ADVANCED HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE ???PLZ SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH ME I REALLY NEED HELP FROM YOUR SIDE FRNDS.


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    It is incurable, but, radiation and chemo therapy, will extend his life. I am a GBM patient, myself and the best thing that I can tell you that will help is, it's 50% modern medicine and the other half is being very positive, and absolutely no stress from the outside world if possible.