Sodium bicarbonate

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Has anyone had any dealings with sodium bicarbonate being used to fight tumours? This is not for me, but a friends mum has a rare form of cancer that has spread and she has researched sodium bicarbonate that has originated in Rome. She spoke with another woman here in Australia who had bladder cancer and it worked for her. Aparently it kills tumours in a similar way bicarbonate kills fungus, and it works for all types of cancers?


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    American Cancer Society suggests it does not work
    There is an overview of the claims and lack of effectiveness of this treatment on the American Cancer Society web site. Here is the reference:

    Sodium Bicarbonate

    It says in part: "Sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, is promoted by some alternative practitioners as cancer treatment. This treatment is based on the theory that cancer is cause by a form of yeast infection and that sodium bicarbonate can kill the yeast. This claim is not supported by science or clinical evidence and is contrary to widely-accepted basic facts of oncology and microbiology.

    Sodium bicarbonate is used as a conventional treatment for disorders in which the blood is too acidic. It is also used as an over-the-counter remedy for heartburn."

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    unknown said:

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    Thanks Paul
    Much appreciated. Sick to death of hearing this C word and would much prefer that word to be Cure instead
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    Hey Dodger
    I'm not an expert, but we are back in Gran Canaria now and a thoracic surgeon has begun treating his patients with a spray made from sodium bicarbonate.
    It is not his only treatment, but he does use it.
    My husband was interested and he now uses it, just incase it works.
    There is an Italian doctor who believes that sodium bicarb can reduce tumours. Try googling it and see what he has to say.
    Good luck.
    Marci x