Burzynski Institute

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Has anyone had any experience with Burzynski Institute in Houston, TX for treatment of breast cancer...or know anyone we may communicate with that has been treated there...my wife has Stage IV breast cancer(mets to sternum/lungs)...reading different sources give conflicting reports...have not actually communicated with patient treated there(or close family member/friend of someone treated there)...appreciate any comments/info...Dana


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    So very sorry to hear about your wife. Sending warmest vibes your way and many, many big hugs. Living in Houston I heard off and on about Burzynski on local TV. Check out Wikipedia, it will give you a complete run down of his "cancer treatments", legal troubles, opinions of cancer experts, etc. The latest legal trouble seems to be a lawsuit filed by an ederly cancer patient, claiming misleading tactics which cost her $100,000. I wished to God these alternative "treatments" would work their miracle, but, unfortunately, most of them do not. There are ladies on this forum who have lived many productive years with Stage IV breast cancer. Please keep us informed how your wife is doing, Best to you both,
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    Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski
    First let me say that I think it is wonderful that you are trying to support your wife in her battle with Stage IV breast cancer. From everything that I have heard Dr. Burzynski is a quack and his "research" is completely unproven. You would likely be better off seeking a doctor at MD Anderson or Baylor.

    I went to the Texas Medical Board website (www.reg.tmb.state.tx.us) and found the following information:

    1. He is not a Board certified oncologist or hematologist
    2. His primary area of practice is listed as Internal Medicine
    3. He has received no graduate medical education in the U.S. or Canada
    4. He has NO hospital privileges in Texas
    5. There are a large number of TMB filings, actions and license restrictions listed under his name.

    Good luck to you and your wife.
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    Dr Burzynski Clinic
    I have heard of the Burzynski Clinic since the early 2000 as I have been reading & using online breast cancer forums since 1997.

    I do have a red flag that goes up with anyone claims to cure a wide variety of advanced cancers with one drug. I know Dr. Burzynski Clinic doesn’t take insurance and his drug is not FDA approved. The initial cost is extremely high.

    In the years I have been on these bc boards, I read about women who went on to try this clinic. No one ever came back to inform us that she has been “cured” by Dr. Burzynski’s drug. Not one! This is a period about 13 years.

    Please do your research on Dr. Burzynski, his clinic and especially his treatment. I am also stage IV, mets to lungs, lining and ribs. There is no cure for this stage as you know but, approved drugs can keeps us alive for a long time.

    Best wishes,