telling it to someone important to you

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I am a patient who has been diagnosed and treated in 2006 and again for a relapse in 2008-2009,,, actually, the problem was more with this disease in the family of paraneoplastic syndrome,,, but I ended up in a wheelchair in 2009… and am still using a wheelchair. It isn’t that I am completely paralyzed, but I just don’t have perfect function of my limbs,,,
Despite, I am now in med school and have a person I might start a serious relationship with… And, I really like the person and trust him, but I just can’t brush up the courage to tell him my medical history. In fact, no one in my grade knows anything about my medical history cause I am starting school in a knew location where most of us meet for the first time when we start school and whenever anyone asks, I just blur the topic and get away from discussing it… I really enjoy school the way it is now, with no one knowing much… I must tell people sooner or later, especially if it’s someone I would like to have a serious relationship with and I can’t start without telling him, cause he has the right to know and I think we must accept each other whatever my, or our medical history is/are or what ever other history there may be… but,,,
1.When would be a good time? Like which point of the relationship would you tell him if it were you? Or when would you want to know if you are in a relationship with someone?
2.And how should I tell him? How did you tell? Or how were you told?

A significant part of me is just not ready for that side of my life to seep into the current one. I’m sure some of you know, but some people seem to change a little when they know about your health or even just a past record, and I’m just not ready for it yet. To be honest, other than certain aspects or topics in my studies, I’m never reminded of any of my unpleasant memories just by hanging out with my friends and I really don’t want to loose that. I guess I probably won’t but I’m, for the most part, just scared.
What would be your solution?

the first time I recovered, I was proud to have survived! but there was a lot that happened when I relapsed, and since then, I think fear took over...