Liquid going into airway

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Hi guys,
All of the sudden, liquid is going into my mom's airway. She even had the swallow test and it confirmed it last week and now she has to tilt her head down when she drinks. Has this happened to anyone else? We're 4 months postop and it just started doing this 3 weeks ago. She has affected lymph nodes in her neck but the radiation doctor said that this shouldn't be the cause.

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    We had this issue. My
    We had this issue. My husband has a paralyzed vocal cord from the surgery. His swallowing problem was immediate though, it did not develop over time. Although it did get worse when he would get tired. He too had to tuck his chin to swallow, they also taught him a technique where you hold your breath while swallowing, that seemed to work better for him. He was able to have a procedure on the vocal cord and he harldy has any problems now.

    Have they given you any idea around where the problem is? Is is the vocal cords or the epiglotis?

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