Fluid retention

Rhonda Mohr
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I had a bilateral mastectomy on April 3rd. Pathology was all clear and my incision is healing nicely. They removed the 4 drains on Thursday April 19. I have a lot of fluid buildup under my arm pits and in the little "dog ears" or skin flaps that were left. They hurt at the end of the day and are uncomfortable the rest of the time. I think this is all normal. I see the surgeon again on the 27th and will see if he wants to aspirate. Yikes. This morning I have a new symptom. In my right breast area when I jiggle it you can actually hear the fluid under the skin. Anyone else ever have this? Sound like anything to be concerned about?


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    Call DR!
    I'd call the DR ASAP. Sounds like you have seromas and they need to be drained. Not unusual when drains are pulled out too quick.

    Happened to me with one of the drains. One was taken out 2 weeks post surgery and at 4 weeks the other was draining more than ideal to take out but Dr did as he thought that it was causing it's own irritatation. Wrong I developed a fairly large seroma that was still visiable on scans over 6 mths later.

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