Brain Twister or not???

OKAY...Lets get serious for a little bit. Its driving me crazy. "Brothers and sister I have none,but this mans father is my fathers son" Who is it? There is an answer but I can;t figure it out.


  • COBRA666
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    I figured it out !!!
    Never mind guys I figured it out. So have fun. HaHaHa
  • forme
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    My guess
    Hi John

    My thinking leads me to say that the answer is "himself".

    Hope you are having a great day.

  • jimwins
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    Hey John :)
    Your son and you are a man.
  • scuttlebug11
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    jimwins said:

    Hey John :)
    Your son and you are a man.

    i agree
  • anliperez915
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    Ummm! is it (his my father)?
    never been good with riddles but I like to try anyways! ;)