Smoldering multiple myeloma

My sister was told today she has a form of cancer called Smoldering multiple myeloma. I was wondering if anyone has it or knows any information about it.Her doctor said there is not a cure for it but it is treatable.She is looking the best place to go for treatment.
My sister is 68 years old and I love her with all my heart. My husband also has lung cancer and I love him with all of my heart. All I can say is my heart is breaking for both of them.


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    Smoldering MDS
    I am thought to have this condition,although two bone biopsies have yielded 'dry taps'-ie.
    a situation where the specialist got bone samples but no liquid bone marrow that is essential for a conclusive diagnosis.I am 75 years and have had up and down readings on the key blood components rendered through CBC tests every 3 months.I have no overt symptoms and in fact am incredibly strong and outwardly healthy.The condition was noticed 3 years ago as a result of bone anomalies discovered as a follow up to a mild form of prostate cancer.I went through bone imaging,MRIs, Catscans and finally the bone biopsies.The likelihood with this condition ,according to my excellent GP,is a long life terminated by some thing other than this condition.Best regards.keep the chin up!