Busy week coming up!

Luckygirl2 Member Posts: 308
I have a jammed packed week next week. Monday will be my first colonoscopy since my surgery last June. My husband is going with me this time. My poor daughter in law was with me last year and was told I had cancer and had to bear the burden of telling my husband and two sons. Thursday will be my CTscan and then Friday I will be speaking at our women's seminar at work to 100 plus crowd about the exciting topic of The Hiring Process and then a subject that is near and dear - colon cancer screening. That I am excited to talk about. I was lucky enough to get 100 test kits donated from USA Drug stores to give out now if i can only convince them to use them! I wonder if raising my blouse up and bearing my beautful scar would be going to far!!! Tomorrow one of my searches is to find a huge color poster of our insides! Oh and I get to talk about poo right before lunch! How much more fun can that be! :). Hopefully it will raise their awareness of this disease, we are second behind lung cancer for cancer deaths!

Anyway, wish me luck only thing is I'm pretty certain I'm going to tear up, gotta remember to have a tissue handy, don't think wiping my nose on my sleeve would be the thing to do! :)

Here is to a good report all around next week!