April is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month

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I wanted to update everyone on the efforts to have April declared Esophageal Cancer Awareness month. Any one else here who has had their state declared please add on. So far these are the States that have declared April Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month:

Arkansas....by Lori Walls

Connecticut.... by Maggie Solsbury

Delaware.....by Cynthia Collins

Georgia,..... Barb Rizzitello

Illinois....by Rolinda Nichols

Iowa.....by Mike Swift

Louisana.......Brenda Pepitone

Michigan . . . . Dave Dziedic

Missouri....Jeanelle Taverni

Nebraska....by Linda Small

Oregon....by Ashley Rockwood

Pennsylvania....by Linda Horner

South Carolina...by Paul Adams

Texas....by Lisa Lundquist Leary

Utah....by AmyTimms

Virginia.....Laurie Johnson

Wisconsin....by Rolinda Nichols

Here are the other states people are working on – if you are working on a State on the list or one not on the list please let us know. If you need any information or sample letters to send to your elected officials please contact Ann Fisher at ann@heartburnandcancer.org or Mindy Mordecai at mindy@heartburnandcancer.org or send me a private message and I will help you in any way I can:

Indiana......Meaghen Widmer

Florida......Alen Freeland & Mary Helen Duggart

California.....Tanya Brubaker

Nevada.....Amy Pearson (Welcome Amy, it was great talking with you)!!!

New York....Peg Curtacci

Tennessee.....Rolinda Nichols

New Jersey..... Ann Fisher

Prayers and hugs to everyone as we continue to fight this beast, raise awareness and hopefully find a cure one day. I remember and honor the memory of my dear father, Harry D. Collins, and all the other wonderful and brave individuals we have lost to the monster we call Esophageal Cancer and to those of you who have fought and are still winning the battle. May God bless you and may we never forget.

Cindy Collins


  • Tina Blondek
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    Thank You
    Hi Cindy
    Thanks for your post! I have been spreading the word in Virginia. I hooked up with the ECAN.org and they send me kits every March. Posters, brochures, and periwinkle bracelets. My Zumba class is collecting money the whole month of April and our instuctors will match the amount we collect. We will be sending it to the ECAN.org. Thanks again in the honor and memory of our dads :)
    Tina in VA
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    Hi Cindy,
    I'm very happy to say that Minnesota has also joined the list. I believe Mary Ruble (wife of Chad) was instrumental making this happen. We're all wearing those periwinkle bracelets and handing out those ECAN brochures and hanging the posters!
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    You can add Oklahoma. I have a copy of the proclamation signed and dated 4/16/12, but it was not me that got it done.