How do I date again?

I have been fighting cancer for 11 years now, have had great highs and the lowest lows now I won't to find a partner to go though life with but I am having no luck I get alot of pity and that's not what I won't. I have lost my confidence. Be cause cancer has takin allmost everything from me and I feel like I have nothing left to offer would appreciate any advise that u can give. Please help


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    I completely understand this
    I completely understand this situation. When you start trying to date, you really do have to be up front about your situation. It's nothing to hide, really! And most people act with pity just because they care and want to show it. But if you feel uncomfortable with that attitude, then there's no better solution than just talking honestly sometimes with whoever it is you care about. If you speak sincerely and from the heart and with kindness, you'll get kindness back!