Lynch Syndrome

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I'm a breast cancer survivor but need support for my friend who had colon cancer at 35 and now was diagnosed again in his late 40s. He sees his oncologist tomorrow. They told him he has lynch syndrome and is really frightened by what he has read on the Internet. Anyone on the board have this? If so, how is it treated? Thanks.



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    Lynch Syndrome
    Don’t let this diagnosis scare you to death!

    Remember when you read the classic study that says if you have Lynch you have a 20 – 80% lifetime risk of cancer, it also means that you have an 80 to 20% chance of NOT getting cancer! Not everyone who has Lynch gets cancer.

    We are, however, vulnerable and because of that we need to take (really good) care of ourselves. I've been compiling research on just how we might do that. I am also collecting stories of people who are not getting cancer with Lynch or not getting more cancers with Lynch. The site is a work in progress but, please, come by and see what might be useful for your friend.