Osteosarcoma in right humerus

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Hello everyone.. In Jan 2012 recieved the horrible news of having osteosarcoma in my right humerus, I've gone through 4 treatments so far and I think another 2 before limb salvage surgery. Surgery is gonna consist of partial replacement of right humerus bone and removal of some soft tissue around bone tht has been infected. Just wondering if anyone out there that had this type of surgery would be willing to share some info with me



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    humerus cancer
    Can you please describe your symptoms? How did you feel from the beginning?
  • Penny Lane
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    And how are you doing now?

    And how are you doing now?
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    Surgical Response?
    Good Morning.
    My son has the same diagnosis and the same location. He is 9 and will be going through surgery in two weeks. It is very difficult to find anyone who has a similar diagnosis and virtually impossible to find anyone his age. I am nervous about his surgery and would love any imput from you or anyone else regarding this subject. His surgeon is suggesting using the clavical to replace his arm components in lieu of a titanium option. Thank you in advance for your time and attention to my son. He is really great.