radiation skin on vulva

I am 46 and in Oct 2009 I had a wide local excision, lymph node removal and then chemo and radiation. August 2011 we found that the cancer had invaded two lymph nodes so I have those removed also. My problem is with my skin. It was badly burned from the first round of radiation. It cracks, peels and is irritated all the time. I keep the skin dry and clean so I have no problems with infection but I recently had a spot biopsied...it turned out to be a blood blister and was negative...but the sore is not healing. I use silver sulphadene cream and anti biotic ointment and wear only a nightgown whenever I get home from work. My doctor says I have three weeks to improve and if I don't I will have to get a skin graft to replace my radiated skin. Does anyone have some miracle lotion or skin regimine that worked to improve your skin? Also, I would like to hear from anyone who actually had the skin graft after their excision. Mine would cover the area from my clitoris to beyond my anus and it just sounds so horrifying.


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    My 44 year old wife has went through 28 radiation treatments for vulvar cancer (Bartholins Gland). She used silvadine cream for the burns but she used Aquaphor to keep the skin moist. We ended radiation on Feb. 6 2012, and at her six week check up she was completely healed. She had a partial vulvectomy on Nov. 8, 2011. She has come through everything better than expected. We have our first post treatment scan at the end of June. Other than the first four weeks after surgery and all but three weeks during radiation, we have been able to have relations.