Benefits of RadX lotion for radiation

Orah Member Posts: 2
This is my first time on this site or any other site like it - I hesitate to offer advice but this has helped me so much. I have 3 treatments to go out of 33 as of today. I started using RadX radiation lotion after my 20th treatment and saw an immediate improvement. It has lidocaine so it instantly soothes! My skin has continued to improve even though I'm still undergoing therapy. You can buy this product online and they have other products including a pre-treatment lotion (I really wish I had known!!! Hence this posting.) and sunblock. The RadX is absorbed right away, hasn't stained my clothes and is odorless. The product does not interfere with treatment, but of course follow your doctor's advice about when to use. My doctor said not to use anything within 4 hours before treatment. I was also given a Miaderm sample; it was difficult to spread over my damaged skin, didn't seem to really be absorbed and there was no pain relief. I liked the Aquaphor more; it went on more smoothly but was still 'tacky' feeling and stuck me to my shirt (not cool in any way) and didn't provide any pain relief. So now I apply RadX immediately after I get home and alternate with an OTC 1% hydrocortisone lotion about very 3 or 4 hours until bed. After trial and error this has worked the best for me. I hope this helps someone. Good Luck to All of Us Out There!!!