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Yay!! I'm so glad to finally be at the stage of writing about hair growth. It seems, as you all know, that we wait forever for our hair to start growing back. Well that's what I've done. Could not wait for the 4-6 weeks after chemo for the growth to begin. I guess that was a healthy way to view it, one step at a time. But, now I find myself frustrated, impatient and disappointed that after 2 months of growth time, 3 months after chemo, I have a little over 1 inch of hair. I won't even go into the fact that it's pretty gray and I've heard there's a great possibility that it will come in curly and unruly.
My questions to those of you who've gone before me are: When did you have enough hair to take off the blasted scarf? And how much hair was that? Did all of you get curly, unruly hair?
Summer is coming up and I live in the very hot desert. Not looking forward to that scarf. My kids, 12 and 8 are not comfortable with my not having hair, so even at home I have to wear it. Help!! :) thx


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    sorry to say ... but, about 3 months after
    hair re-growth. It seemed like forever -- from what I was told by my medical
    staff -- I 'assumed' that my hair would be flowing in the wind, ready for
    a ponytail and some color a few weeks after the completion of my chemo
    therapy. No, not the case.

    My hair did grow back slightly curly -- however, after several hair trims,
    the curls left for good.

    I switched from scarves, to baseball caps when I hair started to grow back.

    Good luck -- and patience is what I am wishing for you.

    Vicki Sam
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    chemo hair
    My hair started growing within 2 months of last chemo and in 3 months about an inch. It was straight at first and my son suggested using hair gel and spike it. It looked cute. Then, a month later, it started to get curly. So, 16 months later, still curly, but not as curly. I just use gel and it looks a lot better. It's now about 5 inches and I've trimed it some. I've always had straight hair, so this is a change and I like it. No blow drying or curling iron needed, just wet, gel and go!
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    Hmmmm, well my hair started growing before chemo finished, which has not happened in your case. Yes, mine was curly and very gray. Then the gray decreased and the curls went away and my normal kinks and waves returned, I was dissapointed the curls were nice. I had the opposite problem that you have. I have always been super hairy, horribly so. Loved having no leg hair, underarm hair, during chemo. Then it came back sadly plus facial hair, foot hair etc, yuk. It is a full time job dealing with this problem. I hope eventually you get enough on the head to style it and like your look. Get a good hairdresser. I have kept mine super short because the hot flashes are so bad, longer hair would drive me crazy. Sorry it is taking so long, good luck.
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    My scalp is still shining, 2 1/2 years after the chemo. My oncologist says the follicles are dead from the chemo. It makes me so sad, as I had real thick hair.
    As far as having to wear a scarf, when it's hot don't make yourself more miserable than you already are to make someone else feel okay. Your hair will probably be back soon, and until then show those kids what you are going through and tell them to hush up about it.
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    Hair growth
    I don't exactly remember how long it took until I took my scarf off, I think it was 2 to 3 months. But my hair grew back curly and I love it, and so does everyone else.
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    Be patient, it will happen!
    Be patient, it will happen! I am 1 year after ending chemo & surgery and I was bald for surgery, just a few stray hairs. I always had slow-growing, fine hair, though it was very long & straight as a board. I never thought it would happen, it seemed bandannas & hats were a constant. Now, I have curls that are not hard to manage, about 5-6 inches long. It's incredibly easy to get ready in the morning, I wash my hair, scrunch a little with some mousse, and put a thin headband in. I actually get compliments. I never want to color or do anything else to my hair, I'm so grateful for it. I say that now, because I'm only 34; I'm sure I'll feel differently when I start graying though!