Hemipelvectomy query

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I am a 39 year doctor living in the UK with my wife and two kids aged 4 and 7. I have had a pelvic recurrence of rectal cancer that I originally had resected in 2004. The MDT have ruled out the usual surgery of pelvic clearance as being unlikely to be curative and are considering whether to offer an external hemipelvectomy with a high amputation (along with removal of bladder and rectum- so two stomas). There is no one in the colorectal network with experience of this as it is rarely used for that cancer but it is done for pelvic sarcomas.

I wondered if anyone had experience of this operation and its impact on their quality of life. My cancer is otherwise terminal and they are not really able to offer me an accurate likelihood of the operation being curative as it is so rarely used for this so I am just gatehring what information I can to try and help me make this decision.

All input welcomed,