Urethral obstruction

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I had my radial prosectomy on January 23, 2012. Got clear margins and all 3 cancer places turned out to be 3+3 when biopsied prostate. My post-op PSA was 0. Now I have another problem. Urethral obstruction or maybe bladder neck. My bladder holds at least 350 mm urine and I can hardly urinate, but have no urgency. I was put on Toviaz that didn't work and today got Rapa Flo. Any experience with this after RP?


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    Urine retention is bad

    I cannot understand your post. You say that you hardly can urinate but was given medication for treating overactive bladder syndrome (Toviaz), which symptoms are urgency. And then, after obvious failure of Toviaz, you were given Rapaflo which again seems not to be the correct recommendation to your case. This medication is given to treat guys with prostate hyperplasia (you have no prostate).

    Urethral obstruction at the bladder neck (sphincter) can be a cause of local inflammation. Such may cause stricture at the sphincter area which will prohibit the normal flow of urine. You should be tested the soonest because retention of urine may lead to kidney failure.

    A cystoscopy will give you a picture of the area and find the problem. Tell your doctor of your symptoms and inquire about the above.
    Usually the problem is treated with inflammatory medication. In advanced cases of stricture, dilatation (widening) of the stricture is required. This is a simple procedure done by passing a thin boogie into the urethra with local anaesthesia.

    I would recommend you of getting a second opinion from a different doctor.

    Wishing you a continuous good outcome and recovery.

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    You need to do something
    I agree with VGama as far as the cystascope. This will determine if there is any "blockage". I had a similar issue about 3 weeks after my RP. The doctor found that there was a piece of "skin" (not sure if this is the correct term)and it greatly slowed down the flow of urine. He did a "snip" and I was then able to pee like race horse. Its been 16 months since then and everything is fine.
    You really need to get some help with this. Good luck.